RENWOL: unique technologies for the energy and transport industries

Reduce fuel costs
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Less emission of SOx
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Less emission of NOx
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Less emission of CO2
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Less emission of PM
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“Technological innovation is central to
low-emission and climate-resilient development.”

Patricia Espinosa, the Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change, Nov. 26, 2018
provides unique and effective technologies for the energy (including renewables), marine and transport industries. Our superior technologies are changing the world of oil emulsification and the recycling of liquid marine waste that contains oil and enable us to deliver groundbreaking solutions.
Our mission
To provide new eco-friendly solutions for the recycling of oil-containing liquid marine waste and the emulsification of oils, to reduce the adverse effects of air pollution and to contribute to a low-carbon future.
Our vision
To be the most trusted know-how and technology partner in the field of recycling of oil-containing
liquid marine waste and the emulsification of oils, providing solutions through the use of innovative and efficient technologies.
Our solutions
Our solutions help customers lower their costs and make current business models more efficient and eco-friendly.

Technologies by RENWOL

Emulsion diesel

Emulsion heavy oil

Other types of emulsion oils (fuels from recycled oils etc.)

Bilge water

Used engine oils

Industrial oils

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+372 56 357 995

Address: Tuhamäe 21, Kohila, 79807, Estonia

Renwol Group Ltd objective is to establish a waste oil regeneration plant in Estonia, focusing on producing premium-grade base oils sourced from waste oils.
The establishment of this waste oil regeneration plant holds the promise of significantly enhancing the waste oil collection process while concurrently reducing the occurrences of their illicit burning, storage, or other hazardous activities that pose risks of environmental pollution.
Renwol Group OÜ is being supported by the European Regional Development Fund through a startup grant amounting to €15,000. This grant is designated to facilitate the acquisition of essential technology crucial for the efficient regeneration of waste oils.
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